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Who Is Carolyn & How Can YOU Benefit from Her Experience?

I’m passionately committed to building a business based on my values and beliefs. I want to help YOU do the same!

After a couple years as a small business owner, I thought I was going down and out — back to a j.o.b. and dancing to someone else’s drum.

Then I discovered these programs.

Owning your own business is awesome. How else can you live your life on your own terms, conducting your business according to your own values and beliefs and on your own schedule?

But being in business for yourself also means doing the sales and marketing for yourself — which involves prospecting. Which for many is uncomfortable. I mean, do you feel comfortable hanging around near the Health & Beauty section at your local Whole Foods, accosting people innocently looking for deodorant?

Don’t get me wrong. I love people. I’m sure you do, too. I love talking with people I know or have something in common with. I love sharing my product and my opportunity. I love everything about my business except prospecting.

So imagine how I felt when I learned of a program designed to take the awkwardness out of prospecting? Imagine what such a program can do for you. Learn how to use the internet and social media to break the ice, so to speak, so you can concentrate on building relationships — and building your team.

How It Works

Ever clicked on an ad in Facebook? Ever noticed that the ads seem to know what you want and need? Ever wondered how they do that? Want to learn how to do that yourself? You need this training!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

  • How to build — and populate — Facebook pages that promote engagement
  • How to identify and target YOUR ideal customer
  • How to write a sales page that actually sells
  • How to test ads, images, precise wording for effectiveness
  • How to attract prospects who WANT to do the business
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